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Playright Music is a long-established, highly regarded music school that offers a well-rounded music education to its students.

Several of our past students are working as successful professional musicians and many more enjoy music for the way it enriches their lives.

Our music education services comprise

  • Instrumental Tuition (Piano, Recorder, Accordion)
  • Theory of Music and Practical Musicianship
  • Sight Reading and Ear Training
  • Creative Composition (Acoustic and Computer Assisted)
  • Music Technology Applications (Education and Performance)
  • Training for Music Teachers & Musicians (Using Music Technology in Music Teaching and Learning, Music Notation and Editing)
  • Lectures and Practical Workshops for choirs and musical societies (Sight Reading Skills, Musicianship Development)
  • Grinds for second level music students (Junior Cert and Leaving Cert)
  • Grinds for third level music students (Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition, Research methods)

Many students come to us for our motivational piano lessons which aim to develop fluency and musicality. We view music performance as an artistic expression of the spirit. We believe fluent performances should communicate emotional meaning and should be poetic. Musical expression imparts art, beauty and hope to the world. Music makes the world a better place. It follows then, that music performances of high quality are a very important part of human culture.

Our director, Daniel Walsh, is a well-known musician who has performed live many times on stage, radio and television in Ireland, the UK, and several other countries. He has contributed to live broadcasts for RTE and BBC. He has experience lecturing in music at third level, has been invited often to train senior academic staff of music schools and colleges at second and third level, and has worked as an advisor, examiner and trainer for the Dept of Education and Skills and the Post Primary Music Teachers Association. He serves as chairman of the Kodály Society of Ireland and directs the society’s successful annual summer school. His contribution to music education includes a multimedia publication that is used as a text in many secondary schools. Daniel’s wide experience in music education is a formative influence on our music teaching approach: we are aware of standards of musical achievement as they relate to local, national and international contexts.

Browse the other pages in this section to read more about our music lessons. Feel free to contact us either by telephone or through the contact forms on this website — just click on the blue tab to the left of this and type your message.

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Young beginners are always welcome.

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