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Audio Recording Production

Audio Recording and Production Services we offer are suited to advertising, education, commercial music, live art-music performances, and in-house training for companies. We can create new music as themes for radio and TV programmes, jingles for adverts, backing tracks for singers, and create sounds suited to medical, industrial and corporate environments.
Brand: Playright Music
Manufacturer: Playright Music Ltd.
Model: Music Composition and Sound Origination
Price On Application -- Request a quotation.
Eric Clapton on stage in Dublin, Ireland, 1979

Eric Clapton on stage in Dublin, Ireland, 1979

Music Studios Dublin, Ireland

Music Composition Centre Dublin

Audio Production Services | Music, Voice, Sound

We Create, Produce & Record

Our recording studio offers the service of audio recording production for advertising, education, media, music, and corporate training. We can record individual instrumentalists (e.g. solo piano) and chamber music groups with open microphones. Larger productions are catered for in our digital studio where sampled instruments are used. Realistic orchestrations and arrangements of commercial (rock and pop) music, backing tracks for singers, performance tracks for live recital performances are typical of the projects we do. We have facilities to combine acoustic and digital modes when that is required.

The types of audio recording production work we do suits the following scenarios:

Music and Media

  • Solo piano performances for education, examinations and aural tests
  • Theme music for Stage, Television, Radio, Computer Games — Composer talents available
  • Part-production, building out arrangements with strings, woodwind, brass or synth sounds
  • Ident music for TV and Radio stations
  • Creation of Jingles for advertising
  • Learning tracks for choirs
  • Vocal, Instrumental, Digital Synthesis talent available.

Corporate Production

  • Voice-over narration for commercial advertisements, broadcasts and in-house training: Local or neutral vocal talent available
  • Ident tunes and sounds for companies – attention calls for announcements etc.
  • Sound content for corporate training requirements
  • Sound productions for your unique, bespoke projects
  • Sound effects (FX) for video and computer games
  • Video and Audio podcasts – media for the web

An unusual project we have worked on recently was creating sounds of the rain forests that followed a narrative that was timed with a walk-around exhibition of photographs, information posters, and samples of wood and other artefacts from the rain forests. For this we had to source the sounds of animals and nature and compile them into a timeline to meet the requirements of the client’s storyboard.

Regular projects we do involve recording many short pieces for education – such as are published on audio CDs or websites to accompany music text books.


Our audio recording and production services, studio time, editing, mixing and finishing are subject to charges depending on time and resources required for each particular project. Since some projects consist of many short pieces delivered in hundreds of files and others of one large piece in one file, we price each project separately. Please ask for a quotation.

Note: we do not have facilities that are suited to short-term renting for bands.

Let us know about your project!

Whether your requirements are musical or industrial, we will be interested to hear about your project and discuss it with you. If it is within our comfort zone we would be delighted to work with you or your company. If it is far out-of-field from what we usually do, we will try our best to recommend someone who can meet your challenge better than ourselves.

Our Team

We have a skilled team of graduates and post-graduates who will be pleased to work on your project. Our experienced specialists have knowledge of music composition, sound creation, production techniques including recording, mixing and finishing. We can create the media you wish to duplicate, publish or integrate in your mixed media project. Our team includes performers of several instruments to professional standard and university graduates with higher degrees in music and music technology. Feel free to contact us either by telephone or through the contact forms on this website.

Tap to call: +353 1 842 2463

New clients are always welcome.

 Audio Recording Production | Music for Radio and TV | Advertising Jingles

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Director: Daniel Walsh M.A.

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