Piano Lessons with Wizards, Witches, Zombies and Ghosts

Halloween Piano Lessons with Wizards, Witches, Zombies and Ghosts
It is a wonderful time to have fun.

We are having lots of fun here in Dublin, Ireland and you are welcome to join us!
In fact, we have lots of fun all year ’round… playing the piano.

Woo-hoo! We cast positive spells on our young piano students encouraging them to make progress in music. This usually works well, but even if it does not work the odd time, we are sure that we help keep the dark side away! You see, people who play music are usually confident, proud, happy and well-adjusted and these wonderful qualities frighten the witches, zombies and ghouls and keep them away throughout the year. Isn’t that a good thing?

If you would like to arrange piano lessons for your children, you can call us by phone, send us an email or use the forms on our website! We have classes starting soon in North Dublin City near DCU. You can choose from social group lessons with students of similar age or from one-to-one lessons if you are especially serious about your commitment. Our classes are all facilitated by our resident wizard who is highly qualified and has many years experience in music education.

Our wizard gets results!

Piano Lessons Dublin | Tel: 01-842-2463

Spooky Musicians Play Piano in the Afterlife: Regret not learning earlier.

Piano Lessons Dublin with Wizards, Spells and Musicality

Spooky Musicians advise: “Learn piano when you are young and still have flesh on your bones”

Performing music enriches your life. The greatest benefit goes to those who start at the earliest. Do not leave it so late that you will regret it in your afterlife. Our friends in the photo here practise to the bone everyday and still nobody can really hear them, most of the time. Please be wise enough to start at a young age when you still have flesh on your bones.

If you wish to organise piano lessons for your young beginners before it is too late, contact us now!

Piano Lessons Glasnevin Tel: 01-842-2463

Spooky Musicians Exercise to Keep Bones in Condition During Piano Practise

These spooky guests have made themselves at home in our music room for Halloween. To be honest we don’t hear too much music from them, however we do hear their bones rattling — at times it gets too much. Blue-Jay, our child-friendly mascot who loves music, is a little bewildered and is hiding behind the curtains. This morning, the spooky musicians were telling us how they limber up – they say it is a very good idea to do some stretching exercises before starting long piano practise sessions. They also do these exercises in the middle of practising so that they get a chance to move around every hour or so. Here you can peep at a video of some of the exercises they like to do.

We heard the Spooky Musicians this morning saying they really love our piano and that it is a pity they could not stay all year round to have the use of it. It seems they are only here for this week and will leave after Halloween. It is good timing that we have a mid-term break while they are here! Hopefully we will be back to normal next week!

We need lots of piano students to use the piano so there is no space for the Spooky Musicians.

If you wish to organise piano lessons for your young beginners, contact us now!

Piano Lessons Dublin Tel: 01-842-2463

Happy Hallowe’en!
Piano Lessons Dublin | Playright Music

Our Witch Casts Spells of Fluency on our Young Piano Students

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Shh! Keep the secret and nothing bad will happen.

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Introduction to Piano: A new programme and pilot study – Piano Lessons Dublin

Applications are invited from parents of children aged 6 to 14 yrs wishing to provide top quality music education.

Little Toes and Piano Notes

Our novel approach incorporating Kodály concepts promotes fluency and expression.

This is an opportunity to benefit from the teaching of a very experienced music teacher while contributing to music education research.

Fair fees for young beginners. Contact us today to join a class starting this term.


Further information is available from our webpage on Piano Lessons Dublin and information explicitly about this programme is available from here.

If you wish to apply now go straight to the online application form here.

Introduction to Piano | Classes for young beginners

Piano Lessons for Beginners | Introduction to Piano — classes for young beginners

Music Worth Sharing with the Young

Music School Dublin | Music Lessons Dublin | Piano Lessons Dublin

Music is like language: Young children become fluent easily.

Just thinking:

Great music deserves our attention and is worth sharing with the young.

It requires some time for engagement, preferably without doing other activities.
Where better to do this than in school classrooms?

Time spent listening to great music and listening to great stories being read aloud are important for the engagement opportunities and for how they help us think and relate beyond the self. These activities help us grow and develop as individuals in ways that may not be examined, but yet promote development and self-knowledge.
How many teachers devote even an hour of class time each week to such a passive activity nowadays?

Thoughts on Music Education | Piano Lessons Dublin | Music Lessons Dublin

Thoughts on Music Education


As a starting position…
“… the notion that you can educate a child musically by any other means whatsoever except that of having beautiful music finely performed within its hearing, is a notion which I feel constrained to denounce.”
(George Bernard Shaw)


Now, read the quotation again while you mentally delete the word ‘musically’ and see if you agree with that sentiment.

As a starting position, we do.
Music listening belongs in the classroom.

You may like this related article on the value of music at the Huffington Post.

If you wish to share music with your children in a more formal way, contact us to join our classes for beginners.
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St. Patrick’s Day Dance Tune

St. Patrick’s Day Dance Tune

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

is the greeting you hear as one person greets another on the roads of Ireland at this time of year.

St Patrick is the patron saint of both Ireland and Nigeria.

He was a bishop who is credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland, and with banishing snakes, lizards and serpents out of Ireland.


He is also famous for using the shamrock plant to demonstrate the idea of the Blessed Trinity as being three divine persons in one God,
or as three leaves on one stem. Because of this, the green shamrock is a symbol associated with St Patrick, St Patrick’s Day and Ireland.

Since the shamrock is green and a grass plant like clover, it is also associated with abundance and good fortune.

Each year on the 17th of March, the Irish people celebrate their national day with parades in many villages, towns and cities all over Ireland.

As the Irish people are spread throughout the world, there are many celebratory parades organised in cities such as Boston, New York, Budapest, Moscow, Tokyo and many others.

The Irish Dance Tune: St Patrick’s Day

There is also a well-known Irish dance tune titled St Patrick’s Day. The dance is a long dance or a set dance. This infers that there is a recognised choreography associated with this tune. All Irish dancers should do similar steps to this music, allowing for subtle differences due to regional styles and embellishments.

The tune has two sections. The first is 8 bars long and the second is 14 bars long. The 14 bars is unusual as one might expect 16 bars.

The sections are repeated to afford dancers to perform the steps, firstly, leading on the right foot and then, secondly, repeating the steps leading on the left foot.

While musicians will play the tune with some variation and ornamentation, the outline is presented in music notation below.

With sincere wishes for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all at Playright Music Ltd.

Clicking on the graphic should download the PDF version which will print at high quality.

Saint Patrick's Day A Long Dance Tune from Ireland


How important are music lessons in childhood?

Learning the piano as a child could cause a lasting improvement in how our brains respond to sound and speech in older age.

Music Lessons Dublin

Music is like language: Young children become fluent easily.

Music lessons help development and promote health in older age.

Research suggests there are benefits noticed in brain function, memory and reaction times in a sample of older people where those who had music lessons as a child scored better in tests than those who did not have music lessons as a child. The research outcomes suggest music education is important in childhood for both development and improved health prospects in older age.

More information is available from this article on the website of the Telegraph, UK.

 Music Lessons for children are available from Playright Music Ltd. in Glasnevin, Dublin

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are all welcome.

Graded theory and musicianship classes are also available.

Piano Classes Children | Enrolling now for Beginners

Piano Classes Children: Enrolling Now

Applications are invited from talented children wishing to learn to play the piano. Our small classes are social and encouraging: a positive atmosphere promotes positive learning outcomes and progressive teaching targets. Later, students may graduate to individual lessons.
Glasnevin Avenue
Dublin 11

Piano Classes Children | Enrolling now | Glasnevin, Dublin 11Applications are invited from beginners who wish to learn to play the piano. Children should show some musical flair or talent, or at least show an enthusiasm and interest in the piano and in music.

We offer places in small classes to children aged 6–8, 9–11, and 12–14.

Further information is available from our website at the following links:



Click here for the Application Form for Piano Lessons for Young Beginners.

If you wish to enrol, please fill in the application form which is available from the above link. We will then invite you with your child to a meeting in advance of the classes starting.

Intermediate and advanced piano students may require individual lessons. Please use the contact tab at the edge of this page or telephone to arrange a meeting.

Little Toes and Piano Notes

Music is a language: Young children may become fluent with ease.


A year from now you may wish you started today!

 Piano Lessons Dublin | Piano Classes Children | Piano Teacher Dublin

Playright Music Ltd. | Tel: 01 842 2463

Director: Daniel Walsh M.A.

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Beginners Piano Lessons | Piano Classes Dublin

Beginners' Piano Lessons are an ideal introduction to music for young children. The children learn about the elements of music in a social atmosphere where they encourage and help each other to reach the next learning goal. Musical fluency is achieved almost effortlessly.
Brand: Piano Lessons Dublin
Manufacturer: Playright Music Ltd.
Tap to call: +353 1 842 2463

Beginners Piano Lessons
Beginners Piano Classes



Are you interested in music lessons for your children?

Would you like your children to learn to play the piano?

Applications are invited for our new course: Introduction to the Piano.

Beginners Piano Lessons, Piano Classes Dublin, Piano Teacher Dublin, Learn piano, Dublin 9, Dublin 11This course is for children who wish to start learning the piano. Our Beginners Piano Lessons are an ideal introduction for young children. Content covers knowledge of the piano, singing and playing tunes, basic technique, and practical knowledge of the elements of music: pulse, rhythm and pitch. Also covered: skill development in reading music notation fluently, training in how to learn and memorise, and how to practise — useful life-enhancing knowledge.

Age-Appropriate Presentation

We organise our small classes to have children of similar age. Our age-appropriate presentation helps develop a love and enthusiasm for music, compliments the primary and secondary schools’ music programmes and leads towards the practical examination of the Junior Cert.

Beginners Piano Classes are available for children aged 6—8 years; 9—11 years and 12—14 years.

Our Beginners Piano Classes promote a team spirit where each student helps and encourages the others to achieve. This consolidates the course content for each student while developing self confidence and self awareness. The classes promote social development as well as musical development. The atmosphere is always pleasant, positive and focussed on music. It develops an interest in musical performance by setting reachable targets continuously, supported by positive encouragement from the experienced teacher. There are long-term opportunities too: Students who make good progress in our Beginners Piano Lessons may graduate to more intensive individual lessons with us in due course.

Would you like your child to benefit from this?

We have an application form especially for this course. If you apply with this form, we will invite you to a meeting before the classes begin.
Click here for the Application Form.

If you wish to read more, we have further information on other pages: Click here! 🙂

Location of Beginners Piano Lessons

Venue: Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11
(near Topaz, The Autobahn, The Helix, DCU)
We are on the main road, midway between Finglas and Whitehall.
By road, we are served by the M50 Junction 4 (Ballymun exit) and M50 Junction 5 (Finglas exit). Glasnevin Avenue is part of R103 on the map.

Local Public Transport servicing Beginners Piano Lessons

Playright Music Ltd is serviced by the following bus routes:

  • Number — Charlestown to City Centre via Glasnevin Avenue
  • Number 17A — Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to Kilbarrick via Glasnevin Avenue
  • Number 11 — City Centre to Glasnevin Drive (walking distance)
  • Number 13 — City Centre to Ballymun Road (walking distance)

Remember to contact us early – it helps the class to form.

It is a good idea to tell your friends, relatives, classmates about this too. They may like to join with your child and help their class to form with friends from the same area. This may help you with transport arrangements. Express your interest here.

A year from now, you may wish you started today!

Tap to call: +353 1 842 2463
Beginners Piano Lessons | Piano Lessons Dublin | Piano Classes Children
Introduction to the Piano: Classes for Children

Playright Music Ltd., Dublin | Tel: 842-2463

Director: Daniel Walsh M.A.