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For Advanced Students

Piano lessons offered to advanced piano students in Dublin

Individual or one-to-one piano lessons are offered to intermediate and advanced pianists who are serious about making progress. Pianists from grade 6 international standard (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, or similar) and higher, who may be preparing for higher grade exams, senior cert, external diploma, graduate or post-graduate performance or public performance should have a piano lesson of at least one hour per week. Some students, perhaps spending some years practising full-time, may require two 90 mins piano lessons per week. If you fit the above categories and wish to arrange piano lessons, please contact us to arrange a meeting. You should bring your current repertoire and be willing to perform one or two pieces. At the meeting we would discuss your short-term and longer-term goals, and what coaching plan would be best suited to help you make progress. You may use the Contact Us tab at the edge of the page.

Piano Lessons for advanced students in Dublin

Piano Lessons for Advanced Students

Be a Performing Artist!

In the past we have helped students prepare for all performance examinations up to professional diploma level and academic post-graduate (Masters) performances. Several of our past students are working as professional musicians. We endeavour to bring about performances that are technically sound, feature appropriate style, with an artistic expressiveness that is unique, i.e. you! Your playing should be informed, have conviction and yet be tempered with your own spirit and personality. Always, your playing should express your enjoyment of engaging in musical performance. In addition to preparing scales, ear tests, sight-reading, quick studies, our coaching can help you with technique, tone quality, balance, phrase shaping, style, interpretation, memory, performance deportment and staging, repertoireprogramming and programme notes. If you are interested in this, use the Contact Us tab at the edge of the page.

Career in Music

If you are on your way to a career in music, you may aspire to being a concert pianist. Only a small number of music students will ever make a living as an A list concert artist who performs on the international circuit. If you do not make it to the international stage, you may be happy to carve out a solid reputation in the national context. Apart from being a soloist, there are other career possibilities that require a high standard of piano mastery, such as accompanist, repetiteur, orchestral pianist, chamber music pianist, piano teacher. There are also related opportunities in music departments in TV, Radio, artist management and concert programming where high standards in performance and musical literacy may influence your success.

If you have an exceptional talent, you have a moral duty to develop your talent with diligence and discipline. Instrumental practise is best done during the younger years. Remember, most people who are working as professional musicians started their professional training as a child!

We welcome discussing this further during our first meeting.

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