How important are music lessons in childhood?

Learning the piano as a child could cause a lasting improvement in how our brains respond to sound and speech in older age.

Music Lessons Dublin

Music is like language: Young children become fluent easily.

Music lessons help development and promote health in older age.

Research suggests there are benefits noticed in brain function, memory and reaction times in a sample of older people where those who had music lessons as a child scored better in tests than those who did not have music lessons as a child. The research outcomes suggest music education is important in childhood for both development and improved health prospects in older age.

More information is available from this article on the website of the Telegraph, UK.

 Music Lessons for children are available from Playright Music Ltd. in Glasnevin, Dublin

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are all welcome.

Graded theory and musicianship classes are also available.

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