Music Worth Sharing with the Young

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Music is like language: Young children become fluent easily.

Just thinking:

Great music deserves our attention and is worth sharing with the young.

It requires some time for engagement, preferably without doing other activities.
Where better to do this than in school classrooms?

Time spent listening to great music and listening to great stories being read aloud are important for the engagement opportunities and for how they help us think and relate beyond the self. These activities help us grow and develop as individuals in ways that may not be examined, but yet promote development and self-knowledge.
How many teachers devote even an hour of class time each week to such a passive activity nowadays?

Thoughts on Music Education | Piano Lessons Dublin | Music Lessons Dublin

Thoughts on Music Education


As a starting position…
“… the notion that you can educate a child musically by any other means whatsoever except that of having beautiful music finely performed within its hearing, is a notion which I feel constrained to denounce.”
(George Bernard Shaw)


Now, read the quotation again while you mentally delete the word ‘musically’ and see if you agree with that sentiment.

As a starting position, we do.
Music listening belongs in the classroom.

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If you wish to share music with your children in a more formal way, contact us to join our classes for beginners.
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