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Playright Music offers a music typesetting (music engraving) service to agencies and publishers of music print (sheet music, music scores and parts, music books, religious books and any books containing music notation) in paper or digital formats. Our graphic design encompasses cover designs for books and illustrations required for inner pages with craftsmanship suited to the highest academic and commercial standards.
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Music Typesetting Services: We offer the highest quality pre-press graphic services to publishers of books about music which may contain music notation

Such books may be educational or academic textbooks and workbooks, religious books, performance scores, song sheets and instrumental pieces. With 30 years experience, we have been involved in the production chain of many music textbooks. You can spot our company name in the credits of many music books. For some we only supplied the music notation files, for others we did everything between the covers including design, line art and photographs and for several we have also designed the artwork for the outer covers. It is also no secret that, as trade suppliers, we have done the work for projects where other companies were listed in the credits.

Highest Quality Music Typesetting Craftsmanship in the Digital Age

Our music typesetting services are up to date with music typesetting programs and music notation software. We accept manuscripts on paper or in digital files in many formats. For the highest quality we can convert your files into the format that will yield the best quality of output. Our output can be high resolution prints on paper, bromide, film or in digital format files such as PostScript (PS and EPS) and PDF. Our files may be part of your print production process, in projects that are monochrome or colour. We are comfortable with all aspects of music and music typesetting rules, graphics, artwork, layout, page imposition, print repro and digital publishing. When the occasion requires it, we can craft new PostScript code to make the job work. Over the years we have developed many of our own tools and software programs that we use in-house to streamline our workflow. We even have the tools (our own MSS software) and know-how to create new music symbols and typefaces when the need arises. Some of our tools are used by leading professional music typesetters in Australia, UK and USA.

Expertise in Music Typesetting and Music Notation Print Repro

Our expertise also extends to integrating music notation files with other industry-standard graphic software in which we can use special effects, add details that the music notation programs do not feature, and layout pages of music notation files in imposed order ready for repro. Further to our specialism in music notation, we know our way around the technical issues such as the generation of prelims, table of contents, figures, tables, appendices, indexes. With software, we can generate table of contents and index very quickly towards the end of a project. We are happy to work with style sheets and we even have published our own online calculator to aid consistency in style sheet entries for music typesetters. This is one way we monitor precision and consistency in our own work. We have experience of working in several languages, sometimes we have even produced books in two languages, lining up the translations visually. We have also worked in Braille Music and produced Braille embossed editions as companions to print editions.

Added Value

With our keen editorial eye, we add value by catching errors in copy whether they are factual or contextual. We also have the experience of working with a wide range of professional editors and have learned a great deal from each of them over the years. While we are comfortable managing large projects, we also know how to do small projects! Since we concentrate on high quality work, our process includes several proof stages to nurse projects along. We generally avoid ‘rushed jobs’ but if you have a small job we can usually complete it quickly during the quieter periods while larger jobs are being proofed. We offer music typesetting service to publishing companies and music agencies in Ireland, Europe, UK and USA who are interested in best quality production that involves music notation. We have worked with educational and religious book publishers in Ireland, England and Scotland including Educational Company of Ireland (EDCO), Folens Publishers, and Veritas Publications. We have also worked on highly praised performing editions for the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland and for the orchestras of RTE (the public service radio and television broadcasting company in Ireland). We have typeset large modern works for composers including Ben Dwyer, Michael Holohon, Oliver Hynes, Philip Martin and Robert Rollin. We have also typeset music examinations and publications for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Ireland, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama and governmental departments and state institutions in Ireland. If you have not worked with us yet, you should consider giving us a call!

We Welcome New Business Contacts!

Contact us to discuss your next music publishing project or to request a quotation. In particular, we welcome projects from Ireland, the UK and Europe. If you are further away or happen to work for a multinational company or a Fortune 500 company, we would be happy to work with you too! You just have to be as passionate as we are about achieving the highest quality in music typesetting and music notation reproduction in print. If you wish, you can see some samples from our numerous music engraving projects from our work portfolio here.

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